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The Institution Innovation Council of PiMSR in association with IWFCI – India National Chapter observed World Entrepreneurship Day on Sunday, 21st August 2022 with an inspiring online talk by Ms. Vandana Suri – Founder, Taxshe Services.

The objective of the webinar was to bring focus on the innumerable opportunities that entrepreneurship offers to solve problems and make a positive change in society.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Daphne Pillai, Founder of the IWFCI – India National Chapter and Chairperson of Management Board, MES that runs the Pillai Group of Institutions, said that the organization is committed to supporting the growth of women, offering opportunities for expansion through networking and fostering an environment for realizing the potential of women as entrepreneurs and then helping them to scale up their businesses through their network of 16 chapters worldwide. She was grateful to the IIC of PiMSR for collaborating on such an important initiative and welcomed the PiMSR students and faculty to the webinar.

Vandana Suri as the founder of Taxshe Services. Taxshe is a World Bank award winning organization, focusing on safe mobility solutions for women and kids. On one hand they run women cabs exclusively for women and kids, on the other they train women to drive their own cars. Vandana Suri is an ex investment banker, turned cabbie. She is also a Tedx speaker. She recently won the IWFCI Women Entrepreneurs Award 2022. She spoke on the topic ‘The Power of Entrepreneurship’.

During her talk Ms. Suri spoke about the incident that changed her perspective and got her thinking about entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship has been one big untapped area for women and more and more girls and women must be encouraged to take the first step. She spoke about her journey, the challenges though covid and the various opportunities grabbed by her and her team to make a change in the lives of women. She persuaded the students to start thinking on entrepreneurship as the way forward.

The question and answer round was very interactive with many students clearing their doubts on entrepreneurship. About 132 students, faculty and guests attend the very enriching and motivating webinar.