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Operation Quiz Event Organized by Operation Club

15th March, 2024
Operation Club
Pillai Institute of Management Studies and Research
PGDM and MMS students of the institute

The Operation Quiz Event, organized by the Operation Club, aimed to foster a spirit of competition and enhance the knowledge base of the students regarding operations management concepts.

The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from both PGDM and MMS students of the institute. Students from diverse backgrounds joined to enhancing their learning experience.

The quiz comprised two rounds designed to test participants’ knowledge of operations management theories and industry trends. The questions were thoughtfully crafted to challenge participants’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The top performers from initial rounds advanced to the final round, which was conducted on the same day. Where individuals displayed quick thinking under pressure.

The winning teams of the final round were felicitated with cash prizes as a token of recognition for their outstanding performance and dedication. This not only motivated the participants but also encouraged healthy competition among peers.

The Operation Club’s initiative in organizing the quiz event was commendable, providing a platform for students to showcase their talents and knowledge in operations management. Such events play a vital role in complementing academic learning with practical application, preparing students for real-world challenges in the field of management.