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The Leadership Boot Camp event held at Franav Farms on 26th and 27th March 2024, was a collaborative effort between PIMSR and PHIMSR. The esteemed faculties of PIMSR Prof. Krushna R Sawant, Prof. Himanshu Vaidya & Ms. Rajasalvi also accompanied the students at the Boot Camp. The objective of the event was to instill leadership qualities and team-building skills among management students through engaging activities and games.


26th and 27th March 2024
Franav Farms, Rasayani
Pillai Institute of Management Studies and Research (PIMSR), Panvel in collaboration with Pillai HOC Institute of Management Studies and Research (PHIMSR), Rasayani
Students from MMS B & C sections of Pillai Institute of Management Studies and Research (PIMSR)

Event Highlights

Know Your Neighbour
The event kicked off with an introductory game called “Know Your Neighbour.” Students formed a circle and passed a ball while shouting the names of the student standing beside them. This activity aimed to foster camaraderie and communication skills among the participants, crucial attributes for effective management professionals.

Team Formation and Expert Speeches
Students were divided into groups and assigned team names inspired by renowned management experts. Each team was tasked with preparing a short speech on the assigned expert. This activity encouraged research, presentation skills, and knowledge dissemination among the participants.

Faculties & Students (PIMSR)
Students playing the game “Know Your Neighbour”
Winning Team- “Malcolm Gladwell”
Teams preparing for the game
Teams preparing for the game
Winning Team- “Milton Friedman”
Winning Team- “Malcolm Gladwell”


  1. Malcom Gladwell
  2. Douglas McGregor
  3. Stephen Covey
  4. Milton Friedman
  5. Ram Charan
  6. Pankaj Ghemawat
  7. Peter Drucker
  8. Fredrick Herzberg

Caterpillar Walk:
In this game, teams were tied together by their legs and tasked with walking along a drawn line without stepping out. This activity emphasized coordination, teamwork, and leadership as teams strategized to navigate the course successfully.The game was won by Team “Malcolm Gladwell”.

Busting Balloons
Teams participated in a game where they had balloons tied to their knees and aimed to burst opponents’ balloons while protecting their own. This activity promoted strategic thinking, decision-making, and competition among the teams.The game was won by Team “Peter Drucker”.

Best Out of Waste – Fashion Theme
Teams were challenged to create fashion items using scraps collected from the farm. This activity encouraged creativity, innovation, and resourcefulness, essential qualities for effective management in dynamic environments.Milton Friedman emerged victorious in this activity.

Find The Items
The final game involved winning teams from previous activities searching for specific items within a time limit. Strategic thinking and quick decision-making were crucial for success in this game. Team “Malcolm Gladwell” excelled in this game.

The game ended with a fun “Tug of War” competition between MMS B and MMS C students, won by MMS B. Prof. Krushna R Sawant & Prof. Himanshu Vaidya expressed appreciation to the organizing team and participants for making the Leadership Boot Camp a successful and enriching experience.

The Leadership Boot Camp concluded with students demonstrating their leadership potential, teamwork and resilience through various engaging activities. The event not only provided valuable experiential learning opportunities but also facilitated the development of essential skills required for success in the field of management. Special thanks were extended to the organizing team and participants for their active involvement and contribution to the success of the event.

Prof. Krushna R Sawant & Prof. Himanshu Vaidya conveyed appreciation to the faculties and students of PHISMR (Rasayani) for their collaborative efforts in organizing a successful and impactful Leadership Boot Camp.