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Consulting – International Collaborative Assignments

PiMSR has collaborated with the St. Mary’s College of Economics and Business for the SOSERVMAN (SOCIAL SERVICE MANAGEMENT) PROJECT for the students pursuing T-GEMBA program at Saint Mary’s College.

PiMSR has identified three social service projects in Mumbai namely –

  1. 1298 Ambulance Project,
  2. Connect All India Project
  3. Don Bosco Balprafulta Project

The Trans-Global Executive MBA program (T-GEMBA) provides working professionals with the skills to take on global leadership responsibilities while providing real, tangible assistance to organizations and governments around the world. They will prepare business models for these projects for revenue generation and operational efficiencies aligning them with the best practices in the industry. A presentation will be made to the top management of these organisations in July 2013 in Mumbai. Faculty members and students of PiMSR will faciliatate the ground and on field research work for the above mentioned projects.