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Quiz Competition – Quiz ka Tadka

HR Club of Pillai Institute of Management Studies and Research had organized HR Club Event which included Quiz Competition.

Organized by
(Quiz Round 1) 26th February 2024, (Quiz Round 2) 19th March, 2024
(Quiz Round 1) Respective Classrooms, (Quiz Round 2) Room No. 501
HR Club

The HR Club event, led by Professor Krushna R. Sawant and Professor Anuja Menkar, convened a meeting with all student HR Club members.

The entire process, from planning to task distribution, ran seamlessly.

A quiz was conducted across classes A, B, and C, with HR Club members evenly distributed among them. A Google form was shared with a 15-minute time limit, focusing on company knowledge such as logos and slogans. Students engaged enthusiastically, and the event proceeded smoothly with excellent coordination.

The top three students from each class were shortlisted among all the students.

The Shortlisted students from Quiz round 1 (Quiz ka Tadka) were called upon for the 2nd and Final round of Quiz ka Tadka.

The HR Club event witnessed enthusiastic participation from nine students, 3 shortlisted students from all 3 divisions (A, B, C), engaging in a stimulating quiz comprising ten questions drawn from various HR domains, including terminologies, reasoning, analysis, and situational scenarios.

Leveraging the user-friendly Mentimeter platform, renowned for its interactive features, the quiz was skillfully conducted by club members.

Operating under the “Fastest finger first with accuracy” criterion, each question allowed a brief 20-second window for responses, with four valid options provided. Remarkably, the quiz concluded within a concise 10-minute timeframe, unveiling three deserving winners.

The Winners of the quiz were :

  • Yash Ithape
  • Charmeet Singh
  • Sakshi Lad

These winners received accolades and cash prizes from Professor Subramanian Iyer, Professor Krushna R. Sawant, Anuja Menkar culminating in a memorable moment captured through group photographs.

This activity provided an interactive and engaging platform for students to learn about various aspects of HR and about different companies. It also showcased the awareness of the students on the current trends. By participating in the quiz, students could not only test their HR knowledge but also gain insights into real-world HR scenarios and challenges.

The quiz activity had a positive impact on participants by fostering a deeper understanding of HR concepts and principles. It encouraged teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills among the students.

In conclusion, the HR club student quiz activity was successful in achieving its objectives of promoting HR knowledge and skills among students. The active participation and enthusiasm of the students showcased their interest in the field of HR. We hope that this activity has inspired students to explore career opportunities in human resources and provided them with a foundation for future learning in this dynamic field.

The event concluded on a gracious note with a heartfelt vote of thanks, underscoring the success of the occasion.