Session on “English Grammar (Tense)”

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The MMS 1st year students conducted a session on 22nd February, 2024 on English Grammar (Tense) for 6th and 7th grade students from Zilla Parishad Gyan Jyoti Savitribai Phule School in Podi as a part of Project “PANKH”. The children were taught grammar, including subjects, verbs, and objects and helping them to recognize them by giving examples. They were then introduced to present, past, and future tenses, explaining what they represent. In the last 15 minutes, question and answer games related to the topic were played in which the children enthusiastically participated in. The session helped the first-year students from the PIMSR’s Social Service Committee to connect with the kids on a personal level. They learned about the kids’ interests and customized games and activities accordingly. The session was conducted by MMS first year students –Mr. Abhilash Nair, Mr. Shubham Shingote, Mr. Gaurav Jadhav, Ms. Anuradha Sharma.