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A Field Trip was organized to Yusuf Meherally Centre – by Institution’s Innovation Council on 21st February 2024, 58 students with 3 faculties went for a Field Trip to Yusuf Meherally Centre to learn and understand about social entrepreneurship. The trip was organized with the motive to understand & explore students towards social entrepreneurship and its impact on the community at large.

The students were first given a brief history of the Centre. The center was started in memory of Yusuf Meherally a freedom fighter in the year 1961 and was formally inaugurated in 1966, by Dr. Zakir Husain, the then Vice President. Yusuf Meherally Centre deals in various social initiatives such as education, healthcare, women empowerment, rural development, employment generation, environmental protection, re-popularizing the values of the freedom movement, and providing relief during natural calamities. Mr. Devidas also encouraged students to persevere environment and play a vital role in development of society. This centre is engaged with village tribal population in various small scale units of preparing edible oil, pottery, non-edible oil, soap, Bakery unit, compost. It also has a school for tribal children where they learn for free and a hostel with more than 100 girls, funded by donation.