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On 20th February, 2024, students of MMS 2023–2025 batch Division B embarked on an Industrial Visit to Foam Home India Pvt. Ltd. as part of the Institute Innovation Council (IIC) activity. The visit provided a unique opportunity for students to gain insights into the manufacturing processes and business operations of Foam Home, a leading producer of premium mattresses in India.

Session Mode
Number of Attendees
20th February, 2024
Foam Home India Pvt. Ltd., H – 30/2 MIDC, Taloja, Raigad – 410208
Faculty: 2

Company Overview:
Foam Home India Pvt. Ltd., founded by Mr. Huseni Bhanpurawala and currently led by their CEO, Ms. Sabina Bhanpurawala is a renowned manufacturer of mattresses catering to niche markets. Ms. Bhanpurawala, a successful entrepreneur, shared the company’s journey from servicing old mattresses to becoming a technology backed premium mattress manufacturer committed to delivering unwavering excellence.

Product Portfolio:
Foam Home specializes in crafting high-quality mattresses tailored to customer preferences. Unlike conventional mattress manufacturers, Foam Home offers bespoke solutions, allowing customers to choose materials and technologies that suit their needs. The company prides itself on innovation, with products such as gel-based mattresses designed for superior comfort and thermal regulation.

Manufacturing Process:
During the visit, students toured various departments, including tailoring, quilting, cutting, gluing and packaging. They witnessed first hand the meticulous craftsmanship involved in creating Foam Home’s signature mattresses.

Products showcased:
Foam Home India Pvt. Ltd. showcases two innovative products that set them apart in the market. The first, Ergoshell Technology, represents a breakthrough in mattress design, featuring a unique composition of foam layers that provide optimal support and comfort. This technology, developed over four years, incorporates a combination of softer and firmer foams strategically placed to enhance sleep quality and durability. The Ergo Shell mattresses, priced between Rs. 60,000 and Rs. 1,50,000 cater to discerning customers seeking superior sleep solutions.
The second standout product is Foam Home’s gel-based mattress, engineered to address the challenges of Indian climates by regulating body temperature and minimizing heat retention. Made from advanced gel materials, these mattresses offer unparalleled comfort and support, promoting deep, restorative sleep. With prices ranging from 230,000 to 3.5 lakhs, Foam Home’s gel-based mattresses are an investment in quality sleep and overall well-being, reflecting the company’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Challenges and Solutions:
Ms. Bhanpurawala candidly discussed challenges faced by Foam Home, including logistical issues and the unorganized nature of the industry. However, she emphasized the company’s commitment to overcoming these obstacles through continuous improvement and innovation.

Interactive Session:
Students actively participated in an interactive session, posing questions to Ms. Bhanpurawala about the company’s history, product development, and market strategies. Her insightful responses provided valuable insights into entrepreneurship and luxury branding in the Indian market.

The industrial visit concluded with a group photo session and a token of appreciation presented to Ms. Sabina Bhanpurawala for her time and valuable insights. The visit not only enhanced students’ understanding of the mattress manufacturing industry but also inspired them to pursue excellence and innovation in their future endeavors.

We extend our gratitude to Ms. Sabina Bhanpurawala and the team at Foam Home India Pvt. Ltd. for their hospitality and for providing us with a memorable and enriching learning experience.