International Women’s Day Celebration 2024

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Date and Day7th March 2024 Thursday
Time10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Session ModeOffline
No. of Students200
OrganizerInternal Complaints Committee (ICC)
Faculty Organizers Dr. Betty Sibil, Prof. Anuja Menkar, Prof. Priyanka Chatta
LocationPillai Institution of Management Studies and Research, Mumbai
VenueAuditorium 7th Floor G wing
EventInternational Women’s Day
Chief GuestACP Maya More, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Yellow Gate Department Mumbai
AchievementsRashtrapita Mahatma Gandhi Vyasanmukti Seva Puraskar 2018-19 for excellent work in drug rehabilitation


The Women’s Day celebration at Pillai Institution of Management Studies and Research commenced with a warm welcome to the esteemed Chief Guest, ACP Maya More. A video was presented to the students displaying ACP Maya More’s interview on E TV’s show “Parwaz” showcased her initiatives, including the “Love Life, Hate Drugs” program, featuring prominent figures to spread the message along with her. Renowned for her fearlessness, she has earned monikers like “Iron Lady” and “Singham,” underscoring her unwavering dedication to combating drug abuse and promoting social well-being.

Keynote Address by ACP Maya More:

ACP Maya More shared insights into her career, emphasizing her dedication to serving the community, especially women, children, and senior citizens. She recounted her experiences dealing with various challenges, including combating drug abuse among students. She stressed the importance of awareness and proactive measures to address this societal issue.

During the interactive session, ACP More imparted wisdom through personal anecdotes, such as the importance of respecting others and managing anger. She reiterated, “Give Respect and Take Respect,” emphasizing the value of mutual respect in fostering harmonious relationships.

Message of Empowerment:

Emphasizing the role of women, ACP Maya More inspired attendees to recognize and appreciate the strength and resilience of women. She underscored the significance of education saying “When a women is educated the whole family gets educated”, ethical behaviour, and positive thinking in shaping a better society.

ACP More encouraged the audience to pursue their dreams and aspirations, stating, “You can change yourself, not others.” She shared her own journey of overcoming obstacles and encouraged individuals to strive for excellence and integrity in all endeavours.

Interactive Session:

The session witnessed an interactive dialogue between ACP Maya More and the audience, covering topics such as drug abuse, misuse of power, and anger management among students. ACP More provided practical advice and encouraged students to prioritize mental and physical well-being.


The Women’s Day celebration concluded on a high note, with attendees inspired by ACP Maya More’s impactful words and motivated to contribute positively to society. The event served as a reminder of the importance of gender equality, empowerment, and collective action in building a more inclusive and prosperous future resonating with the theme of “Breaking the Bias” and fostering a culture of equality and progress.


The organizers extend heartfelt gratitude to ACP Maya More for her enlightening presence and invaluable contribution to the event.

Special thanks to all participants and attendees for their active engagement and enthusiasm, making the celebration a resounding success.