Soft Skills Guest Session on “Personal Effectiveness”

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The Corporate Relations Committee (CRC) organised a Soft Skills guest session on “Personal Effectiveness” on 15th January, 2022. The speaker at the event was Ms. Malini Shah. Ms. Shah is a Co Founder of Center & Senior Counselor / Behavioral Trainer at Aastha Chrysalis as an Affiliate Counselor / Trainer PPC. She has over twenty years of professional experience in the field of training and counselling in India and Internationally. She is inducted on the Academic Council of Raigad Education Society (RES) as a Member. In her talk she spoke about the power of thought and how one’s thoughts can push one to being a better version of oneself. She emphasised the importance of using the words “I Am” in the right way to change one’s self image.

She also spoke about power of different mudras like the Prana mudra and the Rudra mudra to help build energy, determination, strength and will power. She also gave some basic exercises to sharpen clarity and alertness in presenting thoughts and ideas. She emphasised about the importance of communicating well in improving personal well-being, social success, building better relationships, increasing creativity and productivity and facilitating problem-solving and building trust. She spoke about the importance of body language, voice and words in effective communication. She made use of small stories to share ideas of effective communication. She emphasised the importance of playing to one’s strengths.

Ms. Shah spoke about the importance of making best use of the limited time that one has. Critical aspects of time management were also covered during the talk. Ms. Vrushali Nilakhe proposed the vote of thanks for the session.