Workshop on “Semester IV Research Projects”

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The Research and Publication Committee of PiMSR organized a Workshop on “Semester IV Projects” on Friday, 14th January, 2022 at 4 p.m. for the students of the MMS Batch 2020-22. The RPC members, Dr. Betty Sibil, Dr. Anjali Bhute and Dr. Celina Joy explained the various aspects of the three Semester IV Projects and how these projects were a culmination of all the classroom learning of the past three semesters. The General Management and Functional Projects would help students to apply their conceptual learning in a practical manner. The Social Relevance Project was aimed at making students aware of their social responsibilities and encouraging them to explore sustainable solutions. Each Project was a full credit course for 100 marks and students were encouraged to take up at least one Online or Offline internship to further enhance their learning. The Placement Team would be posting opportunities accordingly. The milestone dates for various stages of the Projects and Viva Voce dates for the same were also announced. All doubts were clarified at the end of the session.

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