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Dr. Celina Joy in her capacity as Innovation Ambassador along with Dr. Priam Pillai, Founder of the Pillai Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and co-ordinator Susanna Cherian held a meeting with the various teams of the Business Plan competition to review the Progress of Ideas into business plans at the Pillai Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship on Tuesday, 18th October 2022. About 20 teams were required to submit their progress on the ideas that were discussed in the last meeting. The team members gave an update on their plans, showed their prototypes, websites models and surveys conducted etc. Dr. Priam Pillai, Dr. Celina Joy and Susanna Cherian assessed their progress and guided them on the next steps. All the teams were requested to register their companies, open bank accounts and prepare for a demo day in February 2023. The students were further asked to bring the fully developed prototypes/ websites for the next round in December 2022.