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The Department of Management Studies at JVM College, in collaboration with PIMSR, organized a PPT Competition on 16th February, 2024. The event aimed to provide a platform for students to showcase their research, presentation, and analytical skills on various contemporary topics.

16th February, 2024
10:00 a.m.

The competition saw participation from a total of around 30 teams, with seven teams representing PIMSR. Each team presented on different themes, covering a wide range of topics relevant to the field of management.

Team 1 – AI In Business: Comprising Sejal Pawale, Amisha Singh and Disha Talekar, this team delved into the integration of artificial intelligence in business operations.

Team 2 – Emergence and Future of OTT: Riya Poojary and Urvi Gohel led this team, exploring the evolving landscape of over-the-top media platforms and their future implications.

Team 3 – Sustainable Development: Need of an Hour: Nishan Poojary, Chaitali Phadke, and Hritik Koli addressed the pressing need for sustainable development in today’s world.

Team 4 – AI In Business: Shrutika Sakpal and Roshan Chaudhary focused on the application of AI in various aspects of business.

Team 5 – Emergence and Future of OTT: Anu Pathak, Neha Sabale, Tejaswini Shinde, and Aditi Singh discussed the emergence and future trends of OTT platforms.

Team 6 – Sustainable Development: Need of an Hour: Riya Singh, Neeraj Jha, Gandhar Tandel, and Anushka Sawant reiterated the importance of sustainable development and proposed solutions to address environmental challenges.

Team 7 – Sustainable Development: Need of an Hour: Comprising SaritaPoojary, Kshitij Naik, MadhavThanki, and Palak Goyal, this team echoed similar sentiments on sustainable development, advocating for collective action.

Despite stiff competition, the judges recognized outstanding performances and announced four winners.

Second Place (Group Category): Riya Poojary from Team 2 – Emergence and Future of OTT

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understanding the relevance of contemporary management topics in academic settings.
  2. Appreciating the significance of effective communication and presentation skills.
  3. Recognizing emerging trends and challenges in business and sustainability.
  4. Highlighting the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing complex issues.
  5. Fostering critical thinking and teamwork among students through competitions and events.

The presentations were evaluated based on criteria such as content relevance, clarity of presentation, research depth and engagement with the audience. The judges, consisting of faculty members from both institutions, commended the efforts of all teams for their insightful analyses and effective communication.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks to the participants, organizers, judges and sponsors for their contributions to making the competition a resounding success. It served as a valuable learning experience for all involved, fostering critical thinking and collaboration among students pursuing management studies.