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A FDP on “Train the Trainer” was organised by the Research and Development Committee on 14th October, 2023 in collaboration with CESIM India Pvt Ltd. The aim of the program was to enhance the skills and competencies of faculty with respect to Business Simulation Games. The program was led by Mr. Prijin Philip from CESIM who is a seasoned trainer in the field of education and corporate training. The training was conducted offline Face to Face.The one day program was structured to provide a comprehensive understanding of effective training methodologies, instructional design, and delivery techniques of Business Simulation Games in various management functions.

The key objectives of the session were to equip trainers with the latest training methodologies and tools in a simulated environment of managing the business and taking decisions, enhance participants’ skills in engaging and managing diverse learner groups and foster an understanding of adult learning principles and their application in training. The session gave the faculty an opportunity to get hands-on experience of the Simulation games and its management related concepts. The faculty were taken through the process of understanding the software and and games of Business Simulation. The faculty were then asked to actually play and practice the online Games.

The trained engaged the faculty by using Interactive Training Techniques and Engagement Strategies. At the end of the session feedback was collected from the participants. Overall, the participants expressed satisfaction with the program’s content and delivery. The Train the Trainer program was well-received by the participants. It effectively covered a wide range of training methodologies and provided valuable insights into enhancing training delivery and engagement.

Prof. Abhimnayu Roy coordinated the event. 24 faculty members attended the session.