Webinar on “My Story – Motivational Session by Successful Entrepreneur”, Ms. Munawira Kotyad

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IIC of PiMSR organized a Webinar on “My Story – Motivational Session by Successful Entrepreneur” on 29th January, 2022 in an online mode. The session was conducted by successful entrepreneur, Ms. Munawira Kotyad. The objective of the session was to understand the opportunities and challenges of starting a business and get motivated to start some enterprise and become job creators Ms. Kotyad is the Founder of Wonderwheelstore.com, a platform for artists to reach customers directly. She is the Director at Pillai Centre of Innovation and Research and her interests lie in technological innovations and enterprises that are socially responsible. Having worked at INTEL and Microsoft as a software developer, she moved to India to work in academics and influence women and girls to participate in newly emerging technologies.

She started the session by saying that Entrepreneurship is the buzzword in India today with many startups creating new businesses almost every day. As students who have just joined the MMS programme, everyday was a day of learning new things. She spoke about the various opportunities that came her way, how the idea for this business came to her and the numerous challenges that she faced in her journey of entrepreneurship. Ms. Kotyad hoped that many students will be motivated to come up with ideas and start their own businesses. The students asked many questions about her business and cleared their doubts. She shared her plans for the future and welcomed students to apply for internships with her company for them to gain a firsthand experience of the workings of a startup. It was an interactive session with valuable takeaways for all.