Sports Report – Khelo PiMSR Khelo 2020-21

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Event Name: Sports meet
Event Date: 10th – 12th February, 2020
Objective: To encourage students to participate in sports on a regular basis and develop a healthy and active lifestyle
Venue: Outdoors and indoor

Student’s event committee at Pillai Institute of Management Studies and Research organized KHELO PIMSR KHELO – sports meet from 10th – 12th February 2020, from 1.30 – 5.30 p.m. at the Pillai campus.

Inauguration of KHELO PIMSR KHELO 2020 was done by Dr. C. K. Shreedharan along with the other faculty members. The objective of this Sports Event was to give reminders to everyone that sports are important for developing health, mind & body. It was an energetic three day event filled with positive vibes. In total 13 games / sports were conducted for the students of PIMSR.

Participants: In these three days a total of 220 students and faculty members participated in various sports. The distribution of achievement certificates and trophies was done by faculty members to winning team members on 18th February, 2020 in the Auditorium.

Organising Members of Khelo PiMSR Khelo
Committee members are Maumita Roy and Priyanka Chatta (Faculty coordinators)

Student’s activities committee Members-
1) Shajo Raju, 2) Pooja Botalji, 3) Shruti Khosti, 4) Renita Chacko, 5) Samiksha Mohite, 6) Soham Brid, 7) Rinkesh Patel, 8) Udit Kamat, 9) Nataraj Bhusari, 10) Anish Rangpariya

Event Schedule:
Timings: 1.30 p.m. – 5.30 p.m.

Day 1 (10th February, 2020)

1) Football (Boys, Girls)
2) Shot Put (Girls)
3) Dog and bone (Girls)

Day 2 (11th February, 2020)

1) Cricket (Girls, Boys)
2) Tug of war (Girls, Boys)
3) Basketball (Girls, Boys)
4) Throw-ball (Girls)
5) Volleyball (Boys)

Day 3 (12th February, 2020)

1) Relay (Girls, Boys)
2) Sprint (Girls, Boys)
3) Carrom (Girls, Boys)
4) Badminton (Girls, Boys)
5) Chess (Girls, Boys)