Session on “Entrepreneurship – A State of Mind; Your Role in Changing Times”

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On 22nd November, 2022 Mr. Manibhushan Tiwari conducted a Session at Pillai Institute of Management Studies on the topic Entrepreneurship – A state of mind; your role in changing times’. Mr. Mani is the Founder Director of Quasco Consulting India Private Limited. The objective of the session was to enable students to have an entrepreneurial mindset. He spoke about the expectations from the MMS programme and how having an entrepreneurial mindset would be beneficial for students who were starting out on their career journey. He emphasized that a person can change his or her future by merely changing their attitude. He spoke in detail about the following pointers:

  • Focus on career experimentation.
  • Make the most of your MMS card.
  • Benchmark against yourself not our peers.
  • Take a holistic approach to academics.
  • Step out and take risks.
  • Establish a long term career goals.
  • Find a mentor if you can.

He concluded by stating that as students were in a young age group, the impact of failure will be less and one must think about entrepreneurship at this stage. Even if you feel entrepreneurship is not your cup of tea, having an entrepreneurial mind-set will always help you excel in life and will make you an asset for the company you will be working for. To conclude entrepreneurship is a mind-set, an attitude, it is taking a particular approach to doing things. The main key points to become an entrepreneur is that one has to be ambition and self-confidence, willingness to take a leap of faith, ability to learn from mistakes, trust in and respect for the team. The session was very enthusiastic and interactive and concluded with the question and answer session to which queries were resolved. The students were highly motivated by the session and the seed of entrepreneurship was sown in their minds.The session ended with a vote of thanks. 178 students and 4 faculty members attended the event.