Accounting Workshop for Budding Entrepreneurs

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The Institution Innovation Council of Pillai Institute of Management Studies and Research organized a workshop titled “Accounting Workshop for Budding Entrepreneurs” for the participants of the Business Plan Competition 2021-22. The session was conducted by Dr. Shardul Buva on 22nd and 24th January, 2022 for a total duration of 8 hours. The course was designed to provide the participants with basic knowledge and understanding of introductory accounting terminology, techniques, and principles. The objective of the course was to develop a general understanding of financial reports and help the students prepare basic projected financial statements for their businesses. Dr. Buva familiarized the students with simple accounting principles as well as the basic relationship between assets, liabilities, and owner’s equity. 20 students and three faculty members of PiMSR actively participated in the sessions on both days. The session had a lot of class exercises to check their learning outcomes. At the end of the session the students could create their own projected financials for their own startups. The workshop was interactive and enriching for all.