Workshop on “Problem Solving and Ideation”

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IIC member Mr. Pratik Gupta conducted a workshop on Problem Solving and Ideation by taking students to visit Teknolite Pvt. Ltd. a company that was formed in Mumbai in the year of 1985 for manufacturing DC Tube lights and inverters for Buses and Trains. In the year 1986, another division for Rechargeable Solid State Emergency Lights with the latest technology was introduced. These Lights are being sold throughout the country by the network of dealers and distributors. Various Government and semi-Government organizations have been in the list of its valued patrons for years. In the year of 1993, another division was started for Electronic Ballasts and Electronic Luminaries to achieve the highest energy saving i.e. power factor of ballasts. The students visited the various points of the factory and spoke to the various department heads. Prof. Pratik explained the concepts of Problem Solving and how the business has flourished in the past. The concept of Ideation and Creativity was also explained. The participants witnessed firsthand how to be agile and creative in their thinking to get problems solved in business. 12 students and one faculty member were present for this session. The objective of the workshop was to get the students to understand the concepts of Problem Solving and Ideation by discussion and visualization.