Team Building – Human Resources Club Event 2017-18

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The Human Resources Club organized an outdoor event on “Team Building” on 16th March, 2018. The two team building activities that were organised was ‘Navigating the Minefield’ and ‘Reverse Pictionary’. The goals of the team exercises were to understand the importance of communication for team work, to create trust between team members and to have fun. The event saw huge participation from the first and second year MMS students. The members of the winning team were Ms. Kusum Jindal, Ms. Nidhi Shetty, Ms. Vaibhavi Basha, Ms. Ankita Jain and Ms. Jagruti Shete. The HR club members, Ms. Pratiksha Kumble, Ms. Sonali Angane, Mr. Adarsh Nair and Ms. Meghna Marar designed and helped in implementation of the activities. The event was organised by PiMSR HR Club Head, Dr. Celina Joy and PiMSR Co-curricular Head, Dr. Betty Sibil along with the team members of HR Club.