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The students of Pillai Institute of Management Studies & Research attended a Talk on “How to Make a Pitch Deck for Budding Entrepreneurs” by Mr. Vishal Thakkar held on 9th January, 2018 at Classroom 403 of Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai Campus, New Panvel. Mr. Thakkar is an author, trainer, consultant and a serial entrepreneur. Vishal has taken a successful exit from a training company floated by him in 2008 and is currently started a technology startup focused on Mobile learning space in late 2015. Mr. Thakkar spoke about important aspects of creating an impactful pitch deck while wooing investors. He gave the students some tips on the “Do’s and Dont’s” while creating a pitchdeck. The students asked a lot of questions and spent a fruitful time with Mr. Thakkar.

A Talk on “Entrepreneurship”
9th January, 2018

The talk was organised by Dr. Celina Joy and Ms. Susanna Cherian.