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A Social Awareness Talk was organized by the Social Service and the Animal Welfare Committee of Pillai Institute of Management Studies and Research on 25th November, 2022. The session was conducted to spread the awareness about animal laws and their rights.

The Guest Speaker was Mr. Vijay Rangare. He is the President of People For Animals NGO, Mumbai. People for Animals is a non-profit animal welfare organization, formed under the nationwide initiative and vision of Mrs. Manika Gandhi.

Vijay sir is an animal enthusiast. He is extremely compassionate about animals and works tirelessly for their betterment and fights fearlessly for their rights.

On the day of event, he addressed the first year students of PiMSR where he spoke about various laws and rights of animals which most of us were unaware about. He educated us about how we can take care of those fir babies and also he requested us to help him in this cause. He educated us about the problems which arise while taking care of animals and also solution to solve those problems.

Mr. Vijay Rangare appealed to the youth to help him in this mission of helping the helpless innocent souls.

169 students attended this wonderful session by Mr. Vijay Rangare.