Seminar on “Intellectual Property Rights” 2019-20

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  • To sensitize the faculty / students about patenting of their research output and also make them aware of what can be patented and what cannot be patented.
  • To create awareness of the patent filing procedures
Date and Time
Seminar on “Intellectual Property Rights”
17th February, 2020 at 2:00 p.m.

Resource persons:

  • Dr. N. K. Mohanty, Joint Controller of Patents, Patent Office, Mumbai
  • Mr. Suneet Sabale, Founder & CEO, Brainiac IP Solutions, Pune

Dr. N. K. Mohanty delivering the talk

Mr. Suneet Sabale delivering the talk

Experts with some of the participants

Mahatma Education Society organized a Seminar on “IPR” on 17th February, 2020. The speakers for the event were Dr. N. K. Mohanty, Joint Controller of Patents, Patent Office, Mumbai and Mr. Suneet Sabale, Founder & CEO, Brainiac IP Solutions, Pune. Dr. Priam Pillai was the Chief Guest for the seminar. Mr. Mohanty discussed in great detail the concept of a patent, what can be patented and the procedural steps in patenting. Mr. Sabale spoke about how a patent attorney can help in the patent application process by developing a watertight patent proposal. He also spoke about international patents and when they can be of use to an individual. Both the speakers were experts from the field of IPR and were able to clarify all doubts that the participants had regarding the patenting process. The vote of thanks was delivered by Dr. Avinash Vaidya. The seminar concluded with an high tea arranged for all participants. E-certificates were issued to all the participants. The seminar was attended by both faculty and students.

Dr. N. K. Mohanty has a degree in Electronics and Telecomm Engineering, has 9 years experience in Electronics and Telecomm Industry, 6.5 years experience as Examiner of Patents and Designs, 15 Years experience as Controller of Patents and Designs. He has been trained in EPO, Berlin in Search and Examination of Patent Application and also attended 6 months Study-cum-research Programme by JPO in Tokyo, Japan on topic-Harmonization of Patent Systems.

Mr. Suneet Sabale is a registered Indian Patent Practitioner, Mechanical Engineer, working in Patent Industry for more than 14 years. He has received a Global Achievers Award in the year 2016 and “Young Entrepreneurs” award for his excellence in Patent field. Additionally, he is a Certified Life Coach and Executive Coach from Symbiosis International, which help him to understand the exact requirements of the clients. He also conducts group coaching session and individual coaching sessions as a part of his personal interest. He started his career in patents way back in 2005 and he has started Brainiac IP Solutions in the year 2010 with an intention to safeguard the invention of the companies and assist them in making more profits by saving turnaround time on R&D and by protecting the invention with maximum coverage, thereby preventing others from getting away with minor modifications. He is continuously assisting multinational companies, SME’s, Individual entrepreneurs, University and Colleges from different technology domain for their R&D activity and thereafter for protecting their inventions in India and Aboard.

Participants – Faculty PiMSR

  1. Dr. Vivekanand Pawar
  2. Prof. Shailendra Pawaskar
  3. Prof. Anjali Bhute
  4. Prof. Maumita Roy
  5. Prof. Christina Shiju
  6. Prof. Betty Sibil
  7. Prof. Priyanka Chatta
  8. Prof. Mamta Nair
  9. Prof. Celina Joy