MES Inter Collegiate Sports Championship 2016

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Event Date: 11th – 12th January, 2016
Objective of conducting sports events: To give the players an opportunity to compete in their respective Sports.
Venue: Outdoor

Mahatma Education Society’s Sports event was organised on 11th – 12th January, 2016 at Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai Campus. It is an annual intra campus sports competition wherein students participate and put all their energy into the games to win awards for their institutions. The MES Inter Institution sports championship attracts a large number of students over the years and every year more sports disciplines are added into it. Mahatma Education Society keeps on enrolling outstanding sports students in sports quota and also gives scholarships to eligible sports students. MES also uplifts its sports facilities and equipment by starting new sports avenues at its Institutions.

This year PIMSR stood eighth in overall ranking and there were twenty-six participants.

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