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Management organized a transformative mini industrial visit to the IKEA store and assembly line in Navi Mumbai on 29th and 30th January, 2024, for 120 students. Coordinated by Dr. Pushpendu Rakshit and associated by Prof. Subhendu Bhattacharya, Prof. Krushna R Sawant and Dr. Shaheda Sheikh, the event aimed to provide a holistic learning experience by immersing students in the dynamic business environment of IKEA. The experience was just the best with immense learning on gigantic shop floor where massive number of product line are displayed. From kitchen décor, room decors, office decors to kitchen decors all wide range of products and innovative practices were displayed.

Demonstrate Self-Paced Customization: Showcase IKEA’s digital interfaces for personalized shopping.

Examine TQM Practices: Investigate Total Quality Management in IKEA’s product development, manufacturing, and customer service.

Analyze Integrated Displays: Evaluate setups to boost cross-selling and enhance customer engagement.

Explore Culinary Marketing: Examine strategies to enhance the shopping experience and attract customers to the in-store restaurant.

Assess Soft Toy Impact: Evaluate the role of soft toys in attracting customers, promoting brand engagement, and influencing purchase decisions.

Learning Outcomes:
Self-Paced Customization: Learn IKEA’s innovative model allowing customers to personalize their experience via computer interfaces.

TQM at IKEA: Investigate quality assurance in product development, manufacturing, and customer service.

Product Displays: Evaluate furnished setups for cross-selling and heightened customer engagement.

Culinary Marketing: Boost shopping experience, attract customers to the in-store restaurant.

Soft Toy Impact: Assess soft toys’ role in drawing customers, engaging the brand, and driving purchases.


In conclusion, the IKEA visit showcased innovative retail practices, emphasizing self-paced shopping, total quality management, integrated displays, culinary marketing, and unique promotions. It highlighted IKEA’s commitment to creativity and customer-centricity, setting a benchmark in the retail industry and emphasizing the significance of experiential marketing in establishing a distinctive brand identity.