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On 23rd November 2022 Mr. Prashant Sawant, Founder of Green Chillies Consulting Pvt. Ltd. was the guest speaker for the management orientation programme organized by the Corporate Relations Committee for the students pursuing the Master of Management Studies programme. Mr. Sawant is the Corporate sales trainer & coach (Bollywood wisdom) at “Green Chillies Consulting Pvt. Ltd.”, India. He is also an Independent director with 2 listed companies (Gratex industries Ltd. & Ultracab India Ltd.) and has been a member of BNI since the last 5 years. He has authored the book Business lessons from Bollywood & is the inventor of “Bollywood Satsang”, a unique training program which is run with Bollywood clips, as a corporate training company with a unique focus on practical learning.

Mr. Sawant started the session by sharing details of his journey and starting his firm. During the session Mr. Sawant spoke about inspirational movies written by the popular duo Salim-Javed & performed brilliantly by Amitabh Bachchan and said that these movies depict the secrets of sales success which are “Innovation, Aggression & Integrity.

With the knowledge of these secrets along with a focus to implement them with brutal discipline students can achieve a lot. He spoke about his various sales success breakthroughs in various organizations in countries like Singapore, Dubai & Muscat apart from India (Godrej). The session was entertaining and informative and the students asked many questions which were answered by Mr. Sawant patiently. 179 students attended this session.