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A Session on “Corporate Soft Skills” organized by Gursharan Kaur – Training and Placement Manager for 1st year PiMSR students.

At PiMSR, our mission is to educate the students as well as practically prepare them for Corporate. Campus to Corporate transition is a life changing transition and it requires thorough understanding of the corporate culture and what skills are required to excel at the workplace.

A session on Corporate Soft Skills was organized by Ms. Gursharan Kaur – Training & Placement Manager at PiMSR on 24th November, 2022. She highlighted the top 10 mandatory skills required to climb the success ladder and achieve success in the professional life. She reiterated the importance of possessing strong skills as lack of soft skills can limit one’s potential and lead to their downfall. The session was quite interactive as she compelled the students to do a self awareness and realize the skills that they need to develop and work on their areas of improvement.