Session on “Basic Reading & Spoken English”

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As a part of the project “PANKH” students of the MMS Social Service Committee conducted a session on 19th October, 2023 on the topic “Basic Reading & Spoken English” at the Zilla Parishad Gyan Jyoti Savitribai Phule School in Podi. This session was a part of the fundamental Elementary English Language Skills for the 5th, 6th and 7th grade students of the school. This session had two main goals: first, to improve the students’ reading abilities; and second, to allay their fears related to spoken English. The session commenced by going over some basic topics, practicing reading, learning how to utilize articles in sentences and playing an educational game. The exercises were designed to enhance the vocabulary, reading and listening skills and revise all that was learnt in the earleir sessions. After this exercise the kids read, responded to questions and also received help with difficult words in the English language. The session concluded with an engaging and participatory brainstorming game in which the kids took part and contributed, enhancing their listening comprehension and rapid thinking. This game improved their cognitive capacities in addition to bringing them a lot of fun while learning.

The session was conducted by MMS students Ms. Pranali Patil, Ms. Gopika Menon, Mr. Abhishek Gogar and Mr. Joseph Philip.