Faculty Development Program on “Writing Research Papers Simplified”

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The Research and Development Committee of PiMSR organized a Faculty Development Program titled “Writing Research Papers Simplified” for all management faculty on Saturday, 9th July, 2022 at 10.00 a.m.. The purpose of the FDP was to review the many procedures involved in writing an academic research paper while also providing participants with hands-on experience in selecting a topic for a paper. The session was conducted by committee members Dr. Vivekanand Pawar and Dr. Anjali Bhute.

The fundamental procedures of choosing a topic and formulating the research questions were explained to the participants. This was followed by a thorough discussion of the literature review, the formulation of research objectives, and the research techniques to be used for various sorts of research articles followed. In order to create a general structure for the research paper to be written, participants were asked to choose a topic related to their area of expertise and then frame the research questions they want to answer.

The session was attended by 20 faculty members of PiMSR. Faculty members took an active role in the programme, which was highly beneficial for individuals looking to produce high-caliber research papers.