The Last Man Standing – Marketing Club Event 2014

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The Marketing Club, Vipanana organised a Two Day Management Event, “The Last Man Standing” which commenced on 11th September, 2014 at 9.30 am. With 8 eliminating rounds, which focused mainly on management and marketing skills, the event concluded on 12th September, 2014 by announcing Ms. Pragya Chandrakar from MMS C as the winner and Mr. Allwyn Thomas from MMS B as the first runner up.

The highlights of the event were rounds like ‘Vyapaar’ which tested the selling skills of participants, ‘Press Conference’ put their confidence and patience into test, ‘Handle the Fire’ which was the concluding round, was a stress interview round, ‘Debate’ round which was on current topics which tested their general knowledge quotient, etc. The difficulty level increased with advancement in the rounds. The compliments and positive feedback from the faculty members and the participants marked the successful execution of the event.