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The students of Pillai Institute of Management Studies and Research, New Panvel visited the Tata Consultancy Services, Thane on 10th October, 2013. The visit was a part of their industrial visit program which the college had arranged as a part of PiMSR IT-Club activity for the MMS students who were seeking specialization in Information Technology. The students were welcomed by Mr. Pankaj Doke, Senior Incharge of TCS Innovation Labs.

Industrial Visit to Tata Consultancy Services, Thane
10th October, 2013

Mr. Doke gave a brief introduction about TCS. He narrated briefly how TCS was born and today where it stands in the industry. TCS basically works on the expectations that a customer has from a service provider. The key factors like Results, Partnership and Leadership. He also explained how TCS has made itself in all walks of service providing and consultancy. TCS is the part of the Tata Empire and is helping the Tata Group with Research and Development activities for many decades. It mostly handles projects from across the world because that is a large way of bringing foreign economy to India.

Mr. Pankaj Doke also explained us the work style of TCS which is totally customer oriented. TCS believes that customer’s success is their own success. The R&D of TCS is done at TCS innovation labs which was under Mr. Pankaj Doke himself. TCS adopts tools and methodologies like Customer Centric Engagement Model, Global Network Delivery Model (GNDM). TCS has full service portfolios.

He also explained us the data security system of TCS. For which TCS has Data Centers around the globe which work 24*7. Any data which enters any of the data centers spreads across all the data centers across the world. This system mainly does the baking up of precious data of TCS. Even if any of the data center gets destroyed by manmade or natural calamity, the data will not be lost.

Then he explained the various CSR initiatives of TCS. He said that TCS is very active in helping children who are struck with malnutrition problems. Children who do not even get clean water to drink and do not have the opportunity for education. It is also helping women who are working in poor health conditions.

Mr. Doke also answered various questions asked by the students. He also talked about the infrastructure of TCS. How they have maintained high level of security in all terms of TCS but he was also reluctant to answer some questions due to security reasons.

He also told about the recruitment system of TCS and their expectations from the candidates whom they wanted to recruit.

Further Mr. Pankaj Doke was felicitated by the students with a token of appreciation by the Pillai Group of Institutions.

The students had a wonderful experience at The Tata Consultancy Services which gave them immense knowledge of a globally reputed consultancy service.

Below is the list of students for Industrial Visit to TCS

Name of StudentYear
Gauri Yadav 2nd
Saurabh Anglekar 2nd
Shekhar Gore 2nd
Shruti Kumar 2nd
Rahul Pawar 2nd
E. Keerti Chandrika 2nd
Sukhada Torsekar 2nd
Devendra Malviya (HOC) 2nd
Andrew Abilius Porcia 1st
Chavan Pranita Sanjay Sangeeta 1st
Gawand Chetan Ramdas Kunda 1st
Kumbhar Vasanti Madhukar 1st
Mhase Mandar Pandurang Sudha 1st
Mondkar Tanvi Satish Arati 1st
Nivedh Haridas Dharmaja 1st
Patel Aasim Asmatpasha Naeema 1st
Rahate Akshay Vikas Madhuri 1st
Reddy Raja Subbaram Kausalaya 1st
Renjith Rajendra Prasad Kusum 1st
Saroj Prashant Ramsumiran 1st
Shetye Mandar Anant 1st
Singh Anjali Ashok Kumar Sunita 1st