Talk on “Reminisce – Revisiting Past, Living in the Moment and Guiding for the Future”

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The Corporate Relations Committee under the flagship of PRAYAAS organized an event Reminisce. It is an initiative for students to interact with the alumni of our institute and network with the speakers, while integrating the teachings so the students are prepared before joining the corporate world. The guest speakers were – Mr. Darshan Chitlange (VP, Business Development, Property Pistol Realty Pvt. Ltd) and Mrs. Prajakta Vedak (Head – Human Resources & Training, WB Hotels).

Mr. Darshan Chitlange – A very eloquent speaker from a humble background, talked about the hardships of today’s corporate world and how despite there being a plethora of jobs, freshers are not able to make their mark. Here are a few of the things which he mentioned : (1) Never go to work with the objective of making money right after graduation; (2) For the first two years, focus on learning as much and as many things possible; (3) Always take time out for a hobby; and (4) Don’t be afraid to take risks.

Mrs. Prajakta Vedak – She expressed how the HR industry has evolved over the years and how the new graduates need to be up to the mark as per the industry standards. She also emphasized that students should stay curious and always look forward to learning new things, take risks to join start-ups, and gain knowledge of the horizontals and verticals of a growing company.

The event was a huge success as the prestigious speakers imparted their wisdom and knowledge, instilled a sense of pride amongst the students that a graduate from our institute has the cadre and potential to make it big and reach the zenith of success.