Summer Internship Project Orientation Session

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The Research Monitoring Committee organised a Summer Internship Project Orientation Session on Friday, 22nd April, 2022 at the Auditorium for management students who were preparing to go for summer internships. Dr. Betty Sibil, Dr. Vivekanand Pawar and Dr. Celina Joy were the speakers for the session. Dr. Joy began the session by talking about the opportunities that summer internships offer and spoke in detail about the expectations from students. She also spoke about professional grooming and etiquette expected from students in the workplace. The next part of the session was conducted by Dr. Betty Sibil. She spoke about the schedule for research sessions that the Research Monitoring Committee was organising in May 2022 to familiarise the students with the rigors of project research writing. She also detailed the evaluation criteria for assessment of project reports and urged the students to maintain a Daily Dairy Report. Dr. Pawar then spoke about the chapertisation plan for the Project report. He urged the students to ensure that they followed the guidelines meticulously and made submissions in time.

Dr. Sibil mentioned that the powerpoint presentation would be uploaded into google classroom for reference. The session concluded with a student summarising the learnings from the workshop.