Stress Management and Meditation Sessions

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Date: 15th to 17th February, 2021
Venue: Auditorium
Resource Person: Dr. Nivedita Shreyans and Dr. C K Sreedharan

About the programme:

The pandemic has led to high levels of stress among faculty, staff and students. In view of this ongoing pandemic the institute has designed a faculty and staff development program to address this issue. The institute collaborated with Heartfulness Institute to conduct meditation and stress management sessions for all stakeholders. The programme highlighted how regular meditation can help in managing various kinds of stresses. The meditation technique is called ‘Sahaj Marg Heartfulness Meditation’ which is followed by many all over the world. In this practice, the trainer initiates the trainees into the practice through a special holistic process called ‘transmission’. The trainees have to take transmission for three consecutive days to get initiated into the practice. In this meditation practice, meditation is done by meditating on the divine light, which is imagined to be present at the heart.

Practitioners of ‘The Heartfulness Way’ of meditation guide our students about the potential life-changing approach. Through these sessions faculty, staff and students are sensitized about the benefits of meditation. They are informed that spending even a few minutes in meditation can restore calm and inner peace. Anyone can practice meditation.