Solo and Group Dance Competition 2019-20

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Date: 7th March, 2020
Venue: Pillai Campus
Objective of the event: To learn and have fun!

Bring out the brilliant dancer in you. The stage is yours, choice of style is yours, hit the floor with your best dance steps and the finest one wins the certificate.

  1. Solo dance
  2. Duet dance
  3. Group dance

No. of participants:

  1. Solo dance – 1
  2. Duet dance – 2
  3. Group dance – 3 or more than 3


  1. Time limit for solo and duet performance is 5 minutes and 7 minutes for group dance
  2. Prior information about props (if any) must be given to the respective event head.
  3. There will be a pre-elimination round before the final event.
  4. Songs must be submitted to the event head 1 day prior to the event.