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That one factor which makes you stand out in a crowd. The FIRST feature which will help you to get the opportunity you’re striving for. It’s your “RESUME”. It’s your resume which will work for you & your employer. It’s that magical document that will land you to your dream job. The first chance you get as an applicant to stand out is through your CV. The tiniest error can lead you to missing the train from campus to corporate. To make sure that all students successfully board this train, we had our third session of the CRCP program on 14th October, 2020 on, “The Art of Resume Writing”. The speaker for the day was Ms. Gagandeep Paranjpe, Alumna #PiMSRMMS batch 2001, who inspired the Students for becoming the artist of their resume. Do’s & don’ts were adequately explained for framing the perfect resume along with some practical steps. The session was moderated by Ms. Shivani Nair, member of the CRCP Program Student Committee.