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There is a complete mind shift when the students enter their corporate life, as they try to accustom themselves to a new setting for the first time. This makes it very essential to know what a fresher needs to focus on when they start their first job. The first 100 days of your job will not only help you find your inner strengths but will also show your employer how much you care about your career. To give the students a glimpse into their upcoming experience in the corporate world Pillai Institute of Management Studies and Research conducted the “Corporate Readiness and Career Pathways” (CRCP) Session on “First 100 Days at Your New Job” on 26th October, 2020. The students were excited to hear Mr. Harmeet Chawla elaborate on what it is really like when the fresher’s starts off with their job. He was kind enough to break down the first 100 days into tiny chunks and explain students what they need to look out for and what should be their priority in the beginning. The session was moderated by Ashish Gaikwad and Aditya Funne, members of the CRCP Student Committee.