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Number of Attendees: Faculty: 3 Students: 120

The second session was conducted on the topic “Entrepreneur Mind-set” by Ms. Mrunal Patil, the Director of Earth Care Equipment’s Pvt. Ltd., which was established in 2010, their mission is to reduce the carbon emission by I lakh MT (matrix ton) per annum by installing the capacities to process 1458.86 MT food waste daily.

She explained that knowledge is not equal to skills. The sum of knowledge, skills and attitude is Success. Biggest challenge to mankind in future is to manage the increasing number of choices, since many companies are coming up with multiple products day by day! She further explained that entrepreneurship means a continuous quest for real world problem solving.

The success of business is measured by how well an entrepreneur can help people solving those problems.

Here are some of the problems which were mentioned by her,
How is our product or services different from others?
What do we do? (activity)
For whom do we do? (Customer / Market)
How do you do? (Differentiate) Why do you do? (purpose)

This activity was done in collaboration with Mind Power Consulting.