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Number of Attendees: Faculty: 5 Students: 125

The session by Mr. Jayyannt Lapsiaa was conducted on 19th July, 2022 on the topic of “Employee Centricity in Entrepreneurship”. The entire session was divided into 2 parts.

Mr. Jayyannt Lapsiaa is the founder of M/s. U.M. Khona & Co- A Custom House Agent since 1976. He explained that being an entrepreneur is not only about making money, but also the entrepreneur is able to contribute sufficient amount to the society as a part of CSR.

He further shared that an essential trait of an entrepreneur is to be humble, down to the earth and respectful towards others. Having clear vision and positive mindset is other must traits of an entrepreneur. He further elaborated that the growth of any company depends on the employees working in positive environment that encourages and empowers employees to contribute and perform together in an organization thus enhancing their belongingness towards the organization. This builds loyalty and trust which benefits the company in the long run. A Simple smile or a greeting goes a long way.

An entrepreneur is always open to receive feedback and further evolve his organization based on the feedback received. He must never act like a know it all!

As an entrepreneur, one should be able to make decision without depending on others always.

An entrepreneur should have reading habit and should read minimum 30 minute’s every day. A book must be read multiple times, each time one reads a book one comes up with new perception, understanding & new ideas.

Basic education is essential for an entrepreneur, as without proper knowledge and experience; one is prone to face problems.

The key to win is not luck but to understand what makes people winners. Mr. Lapsiaa reiterated that the qualities that make a person worthy of successful entrepreneurial career are humility, humbleness, empathy, team spirit and a positive attitude.

Being a leader is the second part, first is to be a humane and to understand each other. The session ended with a QnA session with the speaker.

This activity was done in collaboration with Mind Power Consulting.