Session on “Decoding IPR for Entrepreneurs”

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Number of Attendees: Faculty: 5 Students: 138

The session was conducted by Mr. Suneet Sabale, Founder & CEO of Brianiac Group on 29th July, 2022 on the topic “Decoding IPR for Entrepreneurs”. He explained about IP and Trademarks and how to protect your trademark under copyright. He further illustrated about that before selecting a Trademark one should be mindful that there should be no similar trademark exist in market. If Trademark exists in the registry of Trademarks, the name can be altered, or an individual can select a new name. He also enlightened about Patent and how we can put patent on things so that no one can copy that thing. He further explained about things which are not patentable such as Inventions are not patentable. The session also highlighted how to register design and various documents required at the time of Agreements. It was significant session as it helped to understand that everyone needs to have such domain specific knowledge before venturing out to be an entrepreneur. The session ended with a QnA.