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On 9th November, 2022, the Pillai Institute for Management Studies and Research (PiMSR), Panvel hosted the brand bazaar event. Students in the MBA (2021-2023) Marketing division developed new brands with innovative concepts and marketed their enterprises. The brands Canergy, Aloecandy, Plugin, Bombay Sweets and GEO-Tracks were each represented by a group of five students. MBA marketing batch students used authentic products for sale, student-made posters, websites, slideshows, QR codes and social network profiles to adorn the kiosk. The final event was attended by a large number of academicians, including PIMSR director Dr. R. Chandran. Respected professors, Innovation Ambassadors of PIMSR and Chandran sir visited the student merchants, tried out the wares and bought some as well. Then they offered suggestions and shared their knowledge on how the suppliers might advance in business. The students were encouraged to think of Problem Solution Fit to solve issues in marketing. As management students, some of the learning goals were to manage kiosks and learn about research and development, the concept of NPD and Branding. This predicament required the students to apply their capacity for critical thought to develop a novel product. The students understood the importance of thinking of a proper fit in terms of solutions to various problems. Prior to this Dr. Roopam conducted a session for the students and explained the concept of the event. She explained the concept of new and innovative thinking as a part of marketing products. The students were then assigned stalls and the dates for the final event was discussed and planned. 53 participants attended the event.