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Industrial Visit for PGDM-BFM to Singapore (Optional)

We have tie-up with Asia famous Kaplan University for Training and Development of our students. In addition we collaborate with Singapore Stock Exchange, Singapore India Chamber of Commerce and Industries and East Asia Institute of Management to give a real world learning experience to our students.

Industrial Visit for PGDM-BFM to Singapore
10th February – 17th February, 2012

The students of First Year PGDM – Banking and Finance were accompanied by the Director, Dr. G. Vijayaragavan to their International Industrial Tour with rich learning experience and everlasting memories.

Report furnished by a student on the trip – Ms. Surya Kalyanasundaram –

We reached Singapore on the beautiful morning of Valentine’s Day. The climate was very similar to that in India, humid, but the major difference was the clean air. Our ride from the airport to the hotel gave us a glimpse of the beautiful city.

Our journey started off with a half hour ride on the Singapore flyer. It gave a bird’s eye view of the whole city of Singapore. This was followed by the famous Night Safari.

The following day was even better. We visited the Kaplan University which is one of the best educational institutes in Singapore known predominantly for its distance learning programmes. We attended an Executive Development Programme on the topic – Introduction to Financial Markets and Banking. The seminar was conducted by Mr. Gerard Tong, who works with the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX). The experience was very enriching.

The next day we visited the Singapore Stock Exchange, where we attended a seminar on REITs – Real Estate Investment Trusts. This concept is new in India but very popular in Singapore. Currently there are 20 REITs listed on the SGX. They are popularly known as S-REITS. They represent a range of property sectors including retail, office, industrial, hospitality and residential. S-REITs hold a variety of properties in countries including Japan, China, Indonesia and Hong Kong, in addition to local properties.

Our next visit was to Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI). SICCI is one of Singapore’s most respected and active commercial organizations with more than 900 members. It actively promotes the development of its members and provides the necessary networking opportunities and linkages for its members to grow their businesses and operations locally and globally. Singapore is the banking and finance hub and here we learnt about the various opportunities available for banking and finance graduates. We learnt about how we can make ourselves efficient for the Singapore market. This session was very informative and will definitely help in shaping our career.

Our visit to the East Asia Institute of Management was the most satisfying of all. It was a short session of two hours but the learning was immense. Here we learnt about how mind plays an important role in achieving success. It is not just knowledge or hard work that will earn you success but a combination of knowledge, hard work, passion, desire, determination and positive attitude that will fetch fruitful results.

Last but definitely not the least was our visit to Universal Studios and Sentosa Island. Universal Studios is one of the best theme parks in the world.

The overall experience was enjoyable. The trip was both educational as well as recreational. It was our first international tour and this experience will remain in our memory for a very long time.