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Date and Day30th November, 2023, Thursday
Time11:00 a.m. onwards
Session ModeHybrid
Number of Attendees250
Guest National6
Guest International1


The audience comprised students from both junior and senior batches of Post graduate students, ensuring a diverse and engaged participation.

Commencement of Event:

PiMSR (Pillai Institute of Management Studies and Research) and PBS (Pillai Business School) jointly organized the International Management Symposium ‘SAMIKSHAA’ on 30th November, 2023. This hybrid event took place in Auditorium 7th floor, providing a platform for knowledge exchange in the field of management.

Welcome note: Dr. Pushpendu Rakshit

The symposium commenced with a warm welcome address by Pushpendu Rakshit Sir, highlighting the significance of continuous learning and the role of such events in fostering intellectual discourse.

Opening Remark:

Following this, Celina Joy Ma’am, a respected faculty member commence with opening remark of the event and then the event got launched by raising the curtains. She was felicitated by the Hospitality Team for her contributions to the institute.
The symposium’s core consisted of engaging presentations by seven distinguished speakers, each bringing their unique expertise to the table. The audience, comprising students from both FY-MMS and FY PGDM programs, was captivated by the diverse perspectives and practical insights shared by the speakers.


The Saraswati Vandana song by Urvi, Siddhi, Chaitanya resonates with divine melodies, weaving a tapestry of reverence for the goddess of knowledge and arts.

Addressing of Gopal Sir:

He initiated the event with a warm welcome addressing impact and importance of learning Symposium, impacts of technologies and globalization.

Keynote speaker: Prof. Shaheen Mansoori (Virtual Medium) Designation: Professor, Dean School of Business Country: Malaysia Topic: Business Transformation for sustainability

He delivered a thought-provoking presentation on ‘Business Transformation for Sustainability’. She emphasized the evolving nature of businesses, advocating for a shift from profit-oriented models to sustainable purposeful firms that prioritize environmental and social responsibility.

“Sustainability is a journey not a destination”

Sustainability is an ongoing journey, not a destination. It’s about continuous commitment and progress rather than achieving a fixed endpoint. Embracing sustainability involves consistent efforts, improvements, and a mindset that prioritizes long-term environmental and social responsibility.”

Research shows that sustainability is a predictive indicator of future share price performance. He also said that according to situation some time you have to change and adjust your strategy, also talked about challenges, use AI can also help us in sustainable development, how we have to reduce carbon emission. Also scope of emission Scope 1 – direct, scope 2- indirect, scope 3 is also indirect but most complicated to calculate how much emission it does. emission from retail 93% from scope 3, emission from manufacturing 87%, from financial sector 86%.

Empowering sustainability through digitalization

Digitalization or the use of digital technologies to transform processes, products and services can play a key role in advancing sustainability goals.

Name of speaker: Mr. Siddhant Baviskar Designation: Co-Founder Oxitron Digital, Mumbai Country: India Topic: Building high – performing teams

He shared his inspiring life journey with the audience, highlighting the importance of perseverance, hard work, and embracing challenges as opportunities for growth. His personal anecdotes resonated with the students, encouraging them to pursue their ambitions with determination. Building performance teams, he talked about building high performance is important and high does not become a high-performance team in one day for e.g. how we go to gym and train every day to become high performing. He also gave how to build a high performing team (frame work)1. trust 2 regular check in on employees.

Also gave an example, “A company hires talented people and choose best of them. Does that make high performing team?” No, many great minds make curse.

Name of speaker: Mr. Rishikesh Zoting (Virtual Medium) Designation: Analyst, Meesho, Kolkata Country: India Topic: Stress Management at workplace

He addressed the pressing issue of ‘Stress Management’. He provided practical tips and techniques for combating stress, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and engaging in stress-relieving activities. He shared his journey when he was preparing for his exam then he found a program where he learned some hack, how to handle stress which help him and how he takes this program to help other. he also gave formulas for stress, lots of work + not having energy =stress. 4 source of energy 1. food,2 sleep (very imp), 3 clam & meditative mind ,4. Breathe (85% toxin gets release from you breathe). hacks meditation (some think meditation mean concentration but concentration is by product of meditation. 20 minutes of meditation can help a lot.

Name of speaker: Mrs. Haniah Shafi Designation: Entrepreneur, Founder of Peoplespot, Mumbai Country: India Topic: The Future of Work Report: Industry 5.0

She drew from her own entrepreneurial experiences to provide valuable insights into the challenges and rewards of starting and running a business.

What is industry 5.0? before knowing what is industry 5.0 first got to know the history of industry revolution 1 which started in 1780, industrial revolution 2 was about mass production and over delivery and over production , industrial revolution was about digital , industrial revolution was about introducing robotic , creating connected environment where all devices are connected to each other so it’s easy to share data .and last industry 5.0 industry 5.0 basically today’s era is where robot and human will work along with each other industry 5.0 is also about mass customize .also talked about Microsoft co-pilot (it is a software which work like a assistance where it does not work Automatically we have to give command to it.

People Alongside with Robots: In the future, human-robot collaboration will be commonplace across industries. Robots will complement human skills, working alongside us to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Future Workspace: Workspaces are transforming to accommodate flexible and collaborative environments. Remote work, augmented reality, and smart technologies will redefine the traditional office setup, fostering innovation and adaptability.
Robots Will Take Every Sector: Robotics is poised to penetrate every sector, from manufacturing to healthcare and beyond. Automation will become integral to various processes, optimizing tasks and enabling more streamlined operations.

Future Leaders: Future leaders will need a combination of technical acumen and adaptability. The ability to navigate rapidly evolving technologies, lead diverse teams, and embrace innovation will be essential for success in the dynamic landscape of the future.

Name of speaker: Mr. Nabendu Bhattacharya Designation: Marketing Director Jupiter Pharmaceuticals, Kolkata Country: India Topic: Prospects of Neuro Marketing in competitive Business Era

He explored the ‘Prospects of Neuro Marketing in a Competitive Business Era’. He discussed the potential of neuromarketing techniques in understanding consumer behaviour and making informed marketing decisions.

The prospects of neuromarketing in competitive business era: – nano case study where he how Ratan tata came up with the idea of nano car how he wants to make a safe travel vehicle for common at very cheap price. but because the cheap word got associated with the car how it changed people mind and even though the was good for market it failed because of that.

Product positioning defines how a product distinguishes itself in the market, while neuromarketing tools leverage neuroscience for deeper consumer insights, offering benefits such as enhanced understanding and improved campaign effectiveness, yet facing drawbacks like ethical concerns and the complexity of interpretation.

Name of speaker: Mr. Ashish Thate Designation: Owner & Founder of Gok Educational Institute, Nashik Country: India Topic: Role of Technology in Business Management

Technology is pivotal in modern business, driving efficiency, innovation, and connectivity, reshaping traditional models, and fostering global collaboration.

AI Tools Used in Business: AI tools, like ChatGPT, Browse AI, Copy AI, Spin Rewriter, and Runway AI Gen., empower businesses with automation, data analysis, content creation, and video generation, enhancing productivity and decision-making.

Threats in Business Management: Challenges in business management include cybersecurity threats, economic uncertainties, and the need to adapt rapidly to technological disruptions, highlighting the importance of strategic risk mitigation.

Connecting Human Intelligence: The synergy between technology, particularly AI tools, and human intelligence creates a powerful partnership, where technology augments human capabilities, fostering a collaborative approach for more effective and innovative solutions.

Name of speaker: Mr. Rakshit Rane Designation: Entrepreneur, Founder Letsvie, Senior Marketer OYO groups, Mumbai Country: India Topic: The Future of Customer Experience

He showcased how leading companies like Amazon, Spotify, and YouTube are leveraging technology to create personalized and seamless customer experiences, emphasizing the importance of CX in today’s competitive business landscape.

We explore customer experiences from Amazon, Spotify, and YouTube, highlighting seamless navigation and tailored recommendations. Android and IOS showcase personalization in our digital lives, while Walmart exemplifies retail tech innovation. Emphasizing data security’s importance, we shift to the transformative impact of OTT platforms like Netflix, signifying a digital era where technology enriches our lives with convenience, personalization, and security.

Vote of Thanks

The symposium concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks by Prof. Subhendu Bhattacharya, who expressed gratitude to the corporate delegate speakers, organizers, managing team and participants for their contributions to the event’s success. The International Management Symposium ‘SAMIKSHAA’ proved to be an enriching experience for all attendees, fostering a deeper understanding of contemporary business management practices and emerging trends. And special thanks was for the beloved founder sir Dr. Vasudevan Pillai and respected Dr. Daphne Pillai Ma’am, Celina Joy, K P Gopal Sir, Betty ma’am, admin team, IT team and all other faculties and team members.

Key Takeaways:

The symposium provided a platform for insightful discussions on a range of critical business topics. Key takeaways from the event included:

  1. The need for businesses to embrace sustainability as a core principle of their operations.
  2. The importance of effective stress management techniques for maintaining personal and professional well-being.
  3. The potential of neuromarketing to revolutionize marketing strategies and enhance customer engagement.
  4. The transformative role of technology in shaping the future of business management.
  5. The significance of customer experience as a key differentiator in today’s competitive marketplace.

Overall Impact

The International Management Symposium ‘SAMIKSHA’ served as a catalyst for intellectual growth and professional development among the PiMSR and PBS students and faculty. The speakers’ diverse perspectives and practical insights provided valuable learning opportunities, preparing the participants to navigate the ever-evolving business landscape with confidence and competence.


The International Management Symposium ‘SAMIKSHAA’ proved to be a valuable platform for exchanging knowledge and fostering thought-provoking discussions on contemporary business management practices. The speakers’ diverse perspectives and expertise provided the audience with a holistic understanding of the evolving business landscape and the critical role of sustainability, stress management, technology, and customer experience in shaping the future of business. The event concluded with a vote of thanks by *Mr. Shubhendu Bhattacharya*, leaving the audience with a wealth of insights and inspiration to apply in their own professional endeavors.