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The HR Club organized an online event “House of HR” on 16th October, 2021. The representatives of the HR Club, put together an event comprising of different puzzles, activities and games. The main objective of the event was to have a hands-on experience of organizing team building activities over an online platform. The participants had the opportunity to bond with their fellow mates over these team building activities. The participants consisted of MMS and MBA students. There were more than seventy-five participants in the event. The members of the team in the first position were – Kunal Patil, Chirag Patil, Parth Kulkarni and Kajal Auti; the members of the team in the second position were – Neha Mejari, Tejal Bhoir, Mohammed Zain and Devika Nair and the members of the team in the third position were – Adarsh Kumar, Shubham Dalvi, Sakshi Senathi, Rahi Modak and Swapnil Chavan. The event was well received by the students of the first and second year.