Guest Session on “Capitalizing Education for a Powerful Career”

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On 21st November 2022, Mr. Krishnamurthi Bala conducted a very enthusiastic and enlightening Session on ‘Capitalizing Education for a Powerful Career’ under the aegis of the Corporate Relations Committee. The session was conducted at the Auditorium of Pillai Institute of Management Studies and Research, 175 students attended the session.

Mr. Bala spoke about how an individual can get prepared for their careers and the expectation of the corporate sector in this regard. He explained the concepts of Employment and Employability. Employment is nothing but getting work or tasks done whether it is full-time, part-time or on a contractual basis whereas Employability is the capability, attitude or skills being developed by the individual to get their dream job career. Mr. Bala encouraged students to build their fundamental skill sets and attitudes comprising of being committed, result-oriented, and ambitious, having long-term vision, ability to manage uncertainties, taking initiatives, being innovative, well-disciplined, being collaborative and a team player and learning & willing to train others as well.

Mr. Bala spoke about the Skillset Maturity of an individual and elaborated the concept though the acronym A B C D, where A stands for Attentiveness, Ambition, Aptitude, and Attitude, B represents Benchmarking, Brain Storming, C stands for Competitors, Communicative and D stands for Dream, Desire, Determination & Discipline. He ended the session with the mantra for success sating “Your Success lies in your hands and failure in others”.