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As a part of Alegria Campus festival we took an initiative to significantly contribute to the society through our flagship event Soch Alegria on 31st January, 2023. This year being the tenth anniversary of Alegria some incredible events were planned for the same. The event for Soch Alegria was named Fresh Biz and an Art Exhibition where the Students, faculty and alumni of the college got an opportunity to exhibit their innovative startups and creative artworks to the crowd and take part in the auction. Alegria’s enormous footfall proved to be a fantastic opportunity for startups to spread the word about their unique businesses. Brilliant and eye-catching business ideas founded by our faculties, students and alumni got a platform here. Beautiful artworks with compelling messages were treated for the eyes as well as the mind. Being a career-driven Institute, Pillai college has decided to keep the setups completely free of cost. This initiative created a platform for new businesses to promote their products and showcase their brilliant ideas. The student entrepreneurs were greatly benefitted from this initiative as they could showcase their innovative products and earn money. There were more than 200 participants for the event.