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On 6th and 9th February, 2023, the IIC’s of Pillai College Panvel conducted an Alegria Shark Tank event as a part of its Innovation Fest. The objective was to provide an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their business ideas. The event was held at K. M. Vasudevan Pillai Campus and was attended by a total of 9 teams who were selected out of 23 teams that registered for the event. The event began with a warm welcome and introduction to judges and rules of the competition. Participating teams presented their presentations, prototypes and showcased their websites to a panel of three judges. The jury comprised of Mr. Jeffin Ani Johns (Angel investor & CEO at Ace Pro Factor, Asia Pacific), Mr. Minhaj Shaikh (CEO at Friendscampus) and Mr. Sagar Chandni (Angel Investor). The three judges for the event were experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders in their respective industries. The participants had a limited time of 10 minutes to present their ideas, and the judges had an opportunity to ask questions to clarify the proposals. The participants made extensive presentations and explained why their ideas were viable, marketable, and feasible. The jury gave feedback and guidance that were valuable to the participants and also provided constructive criticism to help the participants refine their ideas. After careful consideration, the judges announced the winners. The first prize went to Kalki Products, who presented an innovative solution to purify the water for drinking which can be carried along in a bottle. The second prize went to Mr. Vikrant who invented innovative hydrogen and ethanol powered bike. The third prize went to Creto who presented a business in the gig ecosystem. The winners received a cash prize, mentorship opportunities, and a chance to pitch their ideas to potential investors. The Alegria Shark Tank event was a huge success as students got an opportunity to showcase their ideas. The quality of the presentations was impressive and the judges had a tough time choosing the winners. Prior to this on 6th February, 2023 an elimination round was conducted which was attended by 23 teams who had registered for the competition. The jury members were Dr. Celina Joy, Dr. G. V. Patil, PHCET and Mr. Binit, Vice Principal, PHASC. The jury gave valuable feedback to the participants and prepared tyem for the final presentation on 9th February, 2023.