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Workshop Overview:

The three-day workshop hosted by Pillai Institute of Management Studies and Research, Panvel, from January 23 to 25, 2024, featured Neelima Sonkusale, an esteemed author, and empowerment coach, as the instructor. Dr. Pushpendu Rakshit efficiently coordinated the event, providing participants with a holistic learning experience in Room 501.

Day 1 – 23rd January, 2024:

The workshop commenced with a focus on the art of introduction, the Golden Circle, communication, and self-image. Participants delved into mastering these aspects crucial for personal and professional growth, guided by the experienced facilitator.

Day 2 – 24th January, 2024:

The transformative experience continued on the second day, exploring self-awareness, leadership traits, teamwork, and effective communication. Engaging activities, including the Airplanes Game and Impromptu Speaking sessions, enhanced participants’ confidence and collaboration skills.

Day 3 – 25th January, 2024:

The final day delved into the corporate world, emphasizing its operations, presentation skills, teamwork dynamics, and the role of leaders. Group discussions, creativity exercises, and role-playing sessions provided a comprehensive understanding of real-world scenarios.


The overarching objectives of the workshop were to equip participants with essential skills, including concise self-introduction, effective communication, teamwork, self-awareness, leadership qualities, and insights into the corporate ecosystem.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants gained practical skills in the art of introduction, marketing strategies, the Golden Circle, communication, email etiquette, traits vs. skills distinction, self-awareness, leadership qualities, and effective teamwork. Confident speaking, active listening, and a deeper understanding of leadership and teamwork emerged as prominent learning outcomes.


The workshop successfully achieved its objectives, providing participants with a comprehensive skill set essential for personal and professional development. The combination of theoretical knowledge and interactive activities made the workshop a valuable and enriching experience. Participants left with heightened self-awareness, confident communication skills, and a holistic understanding of effective leadership and teamwork. The rewards at the end served as a testament to the commendable efforts put forth by the participants. Overall, the workshop proved to be a valuable learning experience for all involved.